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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Social Media And Web 2.0 Sites

Social Media Sites List

1 - - The google plus is the most popular social networking, social media and business pages and business sharing site. There are 400 million plus users of google plus. google plus is now connected with your google places pages so it got more Visitors and popularity. The most think is security of google. google plus is also gives people and circle privacy. Google plus gives you business pages which will be gives best ROI to People and also it's connected with Google Places so some business issue like address and cell No and zip code automatic set by google plus and create places business listing perfect.

2 - - The Facebook is also most popular social networking, social media, social sharing site. facebook launched in February 2004. It's got popularity in short time. There are 800 Million active users of Facebook. This social media site is marketing your business as business friends and business group. People can get best Business from Like, Chack ins followers, share and Friend's friend marketing Policy.

3 - - The Twitter is also most popular social networking, social media sharing and business sharing site. Twitter launched in March 2006. Twitter's marketing strategy is so different from google plus and Facebook. Twitter is known as it's twitt and shorten URL marketing which you can not understand without open that short url and This site have so many similar site for sharing for your business pics, business videos, related followers and more marketing options. Micro blogging sites is also one of the part of this site. Twitt and Retwitt is the most benefit of this site in marketing.

4 - - The Youtube is only Video sharing or media sharing popular site. There are 800 million unique users of Youtube. Youtube is launched at February 2005. It's gives perfect and relevant search. Mostly social channel is the most marketing way is this site. Business video sharing and the description is gives google organic search result.

5 - - The Linkedin is business social media site. Linkedin launched on May 5, 2003 and today  47.6 million globally visitors of this site. business page creation promotion and business slide sharing is the best option of the business promotion.

6- - The Pinterest is popular site as businesses pages creation and social sharing web 2.0 site. From last 1 year Pinterest got good popularity and 10 million unique USA visitors.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

Get DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List